Baba Ali

Born in New York, Baba Ali was previously part of the future-soul duo Voices of Black, before moving to the UK to undertake a

masters degree in fine art at Goldsmiths. He released his debut solo Nomad EP in 2017 and toured with the likes of Gold

Panda, Shigeto, Kele Okereke and Jonny Greenwood’s Junun project followed.


A new set of music, recorded with The Kills’ Jamie Hince in LA, found their way to Danger Mouse, who made Baba the latest

signing to 30th Century Records


Those songs became the four-track This House EP – a perfect entry point to what Baba Ali has to offer. Opening track and

previous single ‘House’ provides the launching point for Ali and Hince’s collaboration – the spiky, swaggering single broke

down all the walls and allowed the floodgates to open for the remainder of the project. ‘Cirque de Bizarre’ elaborates on a

melody that was locked inside Ali’s head since he was a teenager. With the help of Hince, he was finally able to crack the code

and unleash the hook-laden track. ‘El Dorado’ ties together the bluesy tones within the EP while adding in more experimental

elements. It is, as Ali puts it, “an apt way to close out the EP with an eye on the future.”

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