Sep 27

Broken Bells – Good Luck

Broken Bells (Danger Mouse and James Mercer), have released their newest song “Good Luck.”



Much like last year’s “as adventurous as always” (Stereogumstandalone single “Shelter,” “Good Luck” bears the unmistakable sonic signature of Broken Bells unveiled on 2010’s eponymous debut and 2014’s After The Disco—in other words, the instantly recognizable audible fingerprints of both Mercer and Burton melded into something entirely other. As with neo-classic Broken Bells tracks including “The High Road” and “Holding On For Life,” “Good Luck” is completed by deceptively apocalyptic sonic and lyrical imagery that is actually more rooted in present day reality than any dystopian future.

In other news, it can now be confirmed that Mercer and Burton have reconvened in the studio and are hard at work on a third Broken Bells album.  No release date has been set for this first collection of new Broken Bells material since 2014.

“As with ‘Shelter,’ we wanted to release ‘Good Luck’ while it felt timely and reflective of specific discussions between the two of us, questioning the state of things, as we do…”